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Families & Kids with Cancer

We help kids experience the joys of the world as a patient or survivor through charitable acts of kindness, parties, and personal visitations. For people with certain severe medical challenges, we will conduct a fundraising event to raise money to help them during their time of need to help offset utility bills and food costs. We want them to know they are not alone! So far, we have given over $40,000 in direct support to families’ financially devastated battling cancer to help offset expenses.

When you support Favor and Blessed (FAB) Network, your monthly tax-deductible contributions permanently change people’s lives for the better. You CAN Help! Bag contributions sustain our programs; we thank you for it, and so do the people who receive the attention they’ve needed.  If you would like to make a donation to this awesome organization, please feel free to do so.  It will be greatly appreciated 🙂

The C.A.N Help!™ Bag

The C.A.N. Help!™ Bag is a simple brown paper bag in which we deliver simple acts of kindness  to at-risk and  needy populations such as isolated elderly, nursing home residents, families & children with cancer, schools supplies for at-risk kids, and others. Every month C.A.N. Help!™ Bags are filled with food and/or personal care items purchased by donors on our behalf, such as high quality soups, simple meals, snacks, healthy beverages, clothing, personal care & household products.

Operation “Sweet” heart™

Operation “Sweet” heart™ serves the isolated elderly and residents of nursing homes throughout the DMV (Washington, DC Metropolitan Area). We conduct visits with residents of nursing homes because a lot of them or forgotten.  Sad, but true.  We deliver C.A.N. Help!™ bags each month for residents birthday’s, Holidays and other activities.  This service benefits the facility because it helps to show which residents have been visited.