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Ever Wondered How Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger Is Living?

Well wonder no more.  Tommy Hilfiger’s house just went on the market for $27.9 Million,  His gorgeous 14,075-square-foot beachfront residence is located on Ocean Boulevard on Golden Beach in South Florida.  

The American Designer and his wife purchased the home, which sits on a 27,500-square-foot lot, back in 2013 for $17.25 million.  Sitting on more than half an acre, the three-story house boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, an infinity pool, an elevator and scenic ocean views.

When you enter the all-white home, the formal entry opens up to a white-glass tile staircase with marble steps sitting under an elegant chandelier which runs from the ceiling and almost hits the ground.

Here Is a Peek Inside:

As you will see, the house is furnished with curated pieces and adds bold pops of color in true Hilfiger fashion.

The red-hued media room with psychedelic furnishings and color scheme takes you back to the psychedelic age. Because it is only one of a few homes located on the exclusive Golden Beach, the villa also includes a private beach. On the patio, there is a palm tree lined backdrop with infinity pool and spa.

Adding even more flavor is a red, white and blue-striped gym and a bar area with hanging disco ball and transparent bar stools paying homage to the ‘60s and ‘70s.  And did you check out the pool table?

As you can see, the house is decorated with a pop-art aesthetic, the estate features geometric patterns, bold colors, a 1960s/70s art gallery and scratch-and-sniff fruit wallpaper.  Yep you read that right, scratch-and-sniff wallpaper.  After all, it is Tommy Hilfiger.

Listed with The Jills, the home is “a unique, spectacular find,” acco

rding to Jill Hertzberg, “designed to be a glamorous, sexy home where they could showcase their amazing collection of artwork, as well as incorporate a ‘groovy,’ colorful 1960s/1970s feel.”  They did just that, because I definitely got that groovy colorful feeling. 🙂Well, this was just a glimpse of the fashion Designer’s home.  Just from the little bit that you’ve seen, is his house what you expected??

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