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Moana, the Polynesian Princess…A Review


Disney’s newest Princess Moana debuts on November 23rd.

Moana is on an adventure to save her family, and her Island Motonui.  Her Island is going into ecological meltdown, and she knows what she must do to save it.

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo Courtesy of Google

A thousand years ago, the arrogant demigod Maui stole the heart of the mother island, Te Fiti, unleashing a horrifying monster who will destroy the world to get it back. Moana, a young chief’s daughter, has always felt drawn to the sea, but is forbidden to explore it.  Her huge, overprotective father, forbids anyone to sail beyond the reef, especially his daughter. But her more free-spirited grandma reveals to Moana her seafaring heritage, and beseeches her to ignore dad, listen to her inner voice and hit the high seas, preferably with an animal sidekick.

So after learning of Maui’s wrongdoing and discovering the heart of Te Fiti, she steals a boat and ventures off on a quest to find Maui.

With the help of Maui, (Dewayne “the Rock” Johnson) a tattoed trickster demigod who stole the goddess’s fertility-giving heart-stone, but then lost the magical fish hook that enabled him to transform into other animals, the

y set sail for an amazing sea adventure.

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo Courtesy of Google

Of course, like most movies, there are a few twist and turns…some funny, some may be considered scary. The funny parts are, Hei Hei, an incredibly stupid chicken, and the Kakamora coconut-clad little pirate creatures that make you feel like Mad Max: Fury Road on the high seas.  Moana also has a pet pig named Pua, simply adorable.

The scary parts are scenes that include run-ins with frightening, violent monsters (one made of lava, the other a giant crab).

Walt Disney Animation Studios has produced yet another memorable and winning film that is destined to become a classic. I don’t think it will achieve the same popularity as Frozen, but Moana, will be a name you will not soon forget.

Moana offers positive messages of self-discovery and empowerment.

I give Moana 5 out of 5.  I mean how can you not?  It’s a Disney Movie after all.

Here is the Official Trailer…Enjoy 

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