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Start Your Own Blog Today…It’s Easy!!


Should I Start a Blog??  I get asked that question all the time.  My answer?  ABSOLUTELY!!  Why?  Because a blog gives you status, authority, and adds value to your audience.  One of the very best ways to set yourself up for blogging success, is to be well organized.  Aside from being organized, (multitasking is important too) here are My 4 Reasons For Why You Should Get Started Today…

1. Search Engines Love Blogs

It’s a known fact that search engines love blogs, and believe it or not, some blogs get higher rankings then websites do. And in some case studies that I have read, they get ranked faster and easier just by doing some simple )Search Engine Optimization) SEO tactics.

2. Great Tool To Communicate With Your Readers

If you noticed in today’s marketing world, more and more marketers are using the blog platform to communicate with their customers.  You want to communicate with your readers because once you have built a relationship with them, the chances of getting them to buy a product or service, are much higher.

3. Enables You To Get Loyal Readers

One thing that I love the most about blogging is, you not only get to create a mailing list for yourself, but you also get a chance to create loyal readers. For instance, for every post that I do, there will be about 5,200 RSS (Rich Site Summary) readers who will also read the post, and read them almost literally everyday.

4. Earn More With Your Blog    make-money-blogging

While most internet marketers focus on just generating a list, they lack the a

bility to earn revenue from their blog. Areas such as advertisements, blog reviews, and affiliate sales can be very rewarding 🙂Get started today and start making money online. 

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Hey There, I’m Rachel! I am a single mother of two fantastic daughters, Social Media Manager, and a Blogger. My passion is helping others find their niche, specifically Single Mothers.

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