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Reasons Being a Virtual Assistant is the Perfect Career for a Military Spouse

Anyone who is a military spouse or military family member is used to upheaval and constant moving among other challenges, like deployment, changes in job situations and even medical conditions associated with your loved one`s career. This can make it difficult or impossible to have a job of your own, particularly since you have to start over every couple of months or years in an entirely new location. This is one of the biggest reasons that becoming a virtual assistant is the perfect career for a military spouse. Read on to learn more about the four key reasons why this is the perfect job for you.


Extremely Low Startup Costs and No Inventory to Buy

Unlike multilevel marketing opportunities or other jobs where you are going to have to at least invest some time in your education like getting your license to be a real estate agent or purchasing makeup to sell Mary Kay or Avon, becoming a virtual assistant only requires that you have a decent internet connection, reliable computer, and some way to talk over the phone which could even be Skype. Most people already have these materials and they most likely also have the background necessary to work as a virtual assistant. 

If you’ve ever had an opportunity to work in an administrative position with any company, you have the essential skills to start as a virtual assistant. Most virtual assistants help online entrepreneurs and even brick and mortar business owner with a lot of tasks including: 

• Customer service

• Email management

• Calendar management

• Travel planning

• Gift purchasing

• Online research 

• Scheduling social media

The majority of these tasks can be easy to learn and allow you to get your foot in the door quickly. 

It’s Flexible with Your Schedule

One of the greatest things about working online as a virtual assistant is that you can choose how many people you work with and can flex all the way up to full time or keep a part time schedule. Since many military spouses often play numerous roles it is also your opportunity to serve in a position that allows you to help others while still feeling empowered and playing the other important roles in your life, such a spouse or a parent. 

You could work 2 hours a day or 5 hours a day while your children are at school. The great thing about it is that even if you move, your job goes with you because it is not location dependent. 


You Get to Call the Shots and Hire or Fire Clients

If you’ve ever worked in a customer service position where the mantra was that the customer is always right this can be extremely frustrating and lead to some negative experiences for you. 

When you are your own boss as a virtual assistant you get to decide which clients you want to work with and which clients you chose to avoid. This can give you a great deal of personal empowerment and allow you to work with people and on projects that you truly love

Your Job Goes Where You Go

Along with the flexibility that’s afforded by making your own schedule so that you can decrease your hours when your spouse is on deployment and increase them when he or she is home to help with child care and other responsibilities. In any event that you have to move your job is hardly affected if at all. 

You might have to take a couple of days off in order to manage the move itself and get situated in you new place, but your clients may not even realize that you have moved homes. You do not have to live in a particular location to be a virtual assistant. So you can handle whatever projects you want to and work on things for your clients during the hours that you want and in a way that is most effective for you.

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